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Mike Best (MikeB565)

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Posted: July 14, 2017
Last activity: August 7, 2017

Tricky website comboboxes

Currently running Pega Robotics plugin for Visual Studio and am having challenges with getting combo boxes on websites to behave correctly. Below is an example of what I am hitting a hangup on.

I am interacting with a website that has two combo boxes - the first is for the user to select a primary reason, which then drives the values in the combo box beneath it for the secondary reason.

Example showing default values of the combo boxes:

Image removed.

Example showing that 2nd combo box depends on selection from first (2nd has no values since 1st has no selection yet):

Image removed.

Example showing values in 2nd combo box after value selected in in 1st:

Image removed.

Orignally, in the automation, I used the SendKeys method from the web frame to send the DOWN key after selecting a value in the 1st combo. That seemed to work and populated values the second combo. However, using the SendKeys method results in an error on the web page when moving to the next step that clicks a button. In an effort to get around this, I tried another approach and starting raising events in lieu of sending keys to get the value in the 1st combo box to take, which then drives the values in the 2nd combo. Below is a listing of some of the events I have tried:

Image removed.

None of the above work and I'm left with the 1st combo box with a value, but nothing triggered to fire off the values in the 2nd combo. Since using the SendKeys method produces an error, I'm trying to find an alternative solution.

Has anyone come across anything like this? If so, what did you do to get around it?

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