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Trimble GPS Integration with Pega Field Service - GPS accuracy issue

RuleTek has a Pega customer who requested a Proof of Concept on Field Data Capture. The client uses a Trimble R1 handheld GPS device to determine their physical location within one meter accuracy; they must have an accurate location due to Federal regulations. The Trimble R1 handheld device passes the GPS data to their iPhone via Bluetooth. The iPhone contains the Pega Field Service mobile app. Having their Field Inspectors record their pipeline inspection data in the Pega Field Service app replaces a manual, paper-based process. They also need offline capability hence the need for Pega Field Service. The value proposition of transforming this business process is very high however to date the challenge has been daunting. 

The Pega customer uses the Trimble R1 device to record the GPS location at the start of a pipeline inspection and when they record the starting latitude/longitude, they also need to know the accuracy of the GPS coordinates. An iPhone's native capabilities related to GPS location and accuracy calculations are only accurate to about 10 meters. The RuleTek developer has attempted to use Trimble's 'GNSS Status' iPhone app to pass the GPS data through to the Pega mobile application but the accuracy calculations are showing accuracy only to 5 meters against a requirement of less than one meter. Outreaches to Trimble technical support have not been fruitful.

Has anyone in the Pega Community had experience with Pega Field Service and the challenge of obtaining GPS data and claculating the accuracy of this same GPS data? Does the integration of a mapping tool such as ESRI ArcGIS mapping help to solve this issue? Any suggestions re integrating accurate GPS data into Pega Field Serivce is much appreciated.   

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John Finta 

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