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Trouble connecting OpenSpan Robotics studio with PegaLabs 7.3.1

Hi all,

This is my first post, hoping you guys can help me out with the following issue.

My goal is to connect our locally run OpenSpan 8.0 robot with a cloud PegaLab 7.3.1 platform. When I try to connect my RobotActivity within OpenSpan studio (to select ‘Fields’), I receive the message ‘Error connecting to server’. I was able to configure and connect using Personal Edition, but a connection with PegaLabs seems quite difficult.

Do you have any idea on how to resolve?


  • It doesn’t seem to be a firewall issue as we have tested to connect with the firewall turned off.
  • The robot is able to login and has the right access.
    • PegaRULES:SecurityAdministrator, PegaRULES:PegaAPI, PegaCA:SysAdmin and PegaRULES:RobotAdministrator
  • RuntimeConfig.xml & StudioConfig.xml seem to be configured appropriately.
  • Also no success when API Service Package TLS/SSL for REST services is not required.
  • Tried disabling CommonConfig.xml server config.
  • Roaming AppData folder checked to remove stale .xml files.

Suggestions are much appreciated!


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