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Trouble Installing Chrome Extensions for Pega Robotics v8.0

I want to use Pega Robotics with Chrome Version 57.0.2987.133.

I have referenced the document "How do I install and update the Chrome extension?" Dare I say "as usual" the instructions leave something to be desired for any novice.

The first step reads as follows: "1. Use Updater to get the correct versions in place. This will install the programs mentioned above in the Studio installation folder."

Please explain what Updater is. I have been through OpenSpan training and have used it extensively for two years and have never heard of "Updater." I am totally unfamiliar with the ins an outs of Chrome. If this is a Chrome Updater, then please, please modify the instructions to say so. I found an Update button on the Chrome browser under settings and clicked that. I have no idea what it really did. I do know that it didn't help.

The instructions continue: "2. Run the OpenSpan.ChromeExtensionInstaller.exe program."

I did this. I even ran it as Administrator per the preamble, and all I saw was a flash on the screen. Fortunately I have been around PCs a while so I ran cmd.exe as administrator and ran the program from there. This is what I get.

C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenSpan\OpenSpan Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015>OpenSpan.ChromeExtensionInstaller.exe
Not upgrading since extension root registry key not found: HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Google\Chrome\Extensions\lajjpilliikppcbaghjehndpfdiiphbe

I would appreciate some help, and others who follow will appreciate a few extra words in the document to clarify what is being talked about. A pop-up message box would be helpful for those who choose not to run from the command line and get this error.

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