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Zach Taylor (ZachT124)
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Posted: 4 weeks ago
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Try/Catch Exception for Error

I am trying to figure out the best way to handle Pega Automation errors so that when they happen I do not have to manually log in to my VM and click the error for the application to continue. Is there a way in pega to click ok on these Automation errors using a Try/Catch exception?

Just to give you a background on my application on this particular automation error. I have a project that runs on a forLoop that goes row by row in an excel file to determine which report type (automation file) to execute. For this automation error the domain name was selected and the domain and then the page loaded and was waiting to select the checkbox for the account to select but since the page was loading in the middle of the select list loading it messed up the page. I have a forLoop to wait for the account element to be enabled before I select the checkbox but it still failed. I would like to processed with the application if an error like this occurs. 

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