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Seri Charoensri (chars1)
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Posted: May 1, 2016
Last activity: May 2, 2016

Trying BIX Ant script - returns no data?

Hi all

1. I have configure and setup Ant script, but it returns no data? and Dev Studio works as expected, please help.

2. Question, I noted in Bootstrapping from the cmd is also quite expensive.  As if we start up another PRPC node?, can we trim some of those routines that "MAY" not be needed for BIX to work?

3. -i switch with the pzInsName of the Extract rule, but I cannot find, could this be pxInsName?

  select pylabel,pxInsName,pzInskey, pyclassname,pxobjclass from pr4_rule

  where pxobjclass = 'Rule-Admin-Extract'

4. I came around this error, Data-Admin-Requestor instance "wfe!BATCH" not found.

  So I needed to add this systemName entry into my prconfig.xml

  <env name="identification/systemName" value="pega" />

5. Also the debug does NOT seem to be activated from the commandline, the log only shows debug messages when run from DevStudio.

The BIX log file shows successful execution from the DesignerStudio, no trace of my call from the Cmd (both Java and Ant), the PDF shows the trace of my Cmd call in the Extraction historty with "Could not process"



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