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Jimmy Wijaya (JimmyW)
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Pt Bank Cimb Niaga Tbk
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Pt Bank Cimb Niaga Tbk
Posted: February 17, 2020
Last activity: February 17, 2020

Tune Up Mobile Client Pega for Performance Test

Hi team PEGA,

I got an issue when running performance test for mobile client PEGA.

Around 40 users run to accessing to mobile, the connection pool are entirely being used for mobile.

As a result, 1 server down and detached from the cluster.

After being traced, the resource are being pulled over when preparing application in mobile. We try to demonstrate with 1 device only, and it takes more than 3 second to successfully show the dashboard.

I need to know if  PEGA can tune up this "preparing for application" to less than 1 second?

Please kindly answer or give me reference regarding this issued.


Best regards,


Pega Mobile Client 7.2.1 Mobile Consumer Services