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Norman Veit (NormanV9)
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Posted: January 12, 2016
Last activity: January 28, 2016

Two Cases Problem

Hi Everybody,

I'm just trying to find out how to solve a problem, if one case calls one subcase without waiting for it!

I have built two applications, app P and App C. App C is called within App P. At the moment case CP of app P waits until case CC of app C is finished right after calling it.

App C calls an external service with a Connect SAOP and gets back an ID as response. It may be that the external service provider is not available and returns no ID.

So case CP of app P have not to wait and can go on to the end of the process.

However it must be assured that it is possible that the ID will be received at a later time/date and it must be deposited in the workobject of case CP.

The Problem is that case CP could already be finished.

How can I guarantee, that there is still a connect to both after CP is finished?

One consideration was that case CP is waiting at the end of the process too all open sub-cases with spinoff flow, but I do not know how it behaves, if I have several sub-cases.

Thanks in advance

Case Management
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