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Posted: January 7, 2019
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Two tables merged into single table

Hi, Currently we have two tables for two different customers (say Normal and Platinum) and we mapped two different class to two tables like Org-App-Data-NCustomer, Org-App-Data-PCustomer.

Now from the database level the two tables are merged into single table Customer and the existing two tables will be deleted. My question is

1)Should I create a new class Org-App-Data-Customer and refactor and delete the existing classses and change the application code , which is a huge impact

2) Should keep both class and mapped with the same tables and change certain external column mapping in classs rule. This will bring less effort change in application. But when I am mapping both class in same table I am getting a warning that already a class has been mapped with the table. Just want to know if this approach is fine.

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