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Vodafone GmBH
Posted: November 30, 2015
Last activity: November 30, 2015

Two tickets on two dangling end shapes not working

We are developing out application in Pega 7.1.8.

The flows are complex and we have to use tickets to jump to multiple steps in flows.

There are few flows which are having 3 end shapes. Out of these 3 end shapes 1 end shape is connected to other flow shapes with connector. Other two end shapes are isolated (not connected). Each of these isolated end shapes have a different ticket on it.

e.g. EndShape1 has ticket EndSMS ticket and EndShape2 has a 'Resoved-Dead' ticket.

When we are raising ticket 'EndSMS' in an activity using Call SetTicket then 'Resolved-Dead' ticket is getting set. This behavior is very inconsistent. At some places by removing ticket, adding it back, removing cache it started picking up correct ticket. But this work around is not always working.

Can anyone provide some pointers here? Is it prohibited to have multiple end shapes with separate tickets on it.

In our application we can not use same ticket names on both end shapes or create a single end shape due to functional complexities.



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