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Posted: October 31, 2020
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Posted: 31 Oct 2020 10:40 EDT
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UI Date Time calendar Customization

We have a requirement to allow the date time picker calendar control on the UI to have following provisions -

  1. Disable past dates
  2. Disable weekends (OOTB)
  3. Disable non business days
  4. Enable next month display automatically onload of the calendar pop up (if current date is in last week of current month OR at least enable the first week of the next month while the calendar UI still shows current month date

The navigation mode of the calendar control still needs to be "spinner" and not "dropdown".

We have done necessary configurations and set up proper business calendars with timezones and allocated to operator profiles. However we have only seen that in OOTB calendar with "spinner" navigation, only "disable weekends" is possible and others are not possible.

Even with business calendar configuration with specified holidays, the holidays do not get disabled on the calender form and are still selectable.


Is there a way to implement the first 3 listed options above with the date time picker control having "spinner" navigation?

Is there a work around on the last point or at least a way to enable the first week of the next month when the calendar is displaying dates of the current month?

If none of the options above are possible, is there a way to implement custom control / custom react control with the above features that are parameterizable from Pega?


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