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At UI level,customizing Column layout scroll bar with table presence in a portal

I have an UI  requirement to display a table below column layout in portal--Attached(FixedRatio.png)

Highlighted table layout  in above attachment has many columns.

Need to align table layout in column layout without horizontal scroll at portal level as per above attachment.

In the above attachment  table  has configuration present in attachment--TableConfig.png i.e "Pixels(Fixed)" as Width of content.

With this configuration,responsiveness comes into picture where table alignment will be fixed irrespective of monitor size,which is not approachable.

When i give "Pixels(Fit Content)" as 'width of content' at table level configuration,column layout will have horizontal scroll at portal level where entire view is expanded when compare to "Pixels(Fixed)" configuration.- Column Scroll.png attachment.

Need to avoid horizontal scroll with column layout present at portal level in above attachment.

With above configuration's couldn't achieve removal of horizontal scroll with column layout at portal.

Request to suggest here with horizontal scroll removal with column layout present in portal.


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