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Posted: May 31, 2021
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Posted: 31 May 2021 20:30 EDT
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UI overlap when using Table Layout in 8.4 - Theme-Cosmos

We have a requirement whereby our case type would report a list of all the transactions for the day, (Report-> Repeating List of Transactions). As the report contains many transactions, we would like to have the pagination functionality incorporated, to be able to navigate back and forth to get to the intended transaction for better accessibility to the users. Therefore, we have considered using "Table layout" to achieve UI needs. However, using Table layout within the template offered by Theme-Cosmos (Section: pyCaseMainInner), we see that the sections on the right-hand side (Attachments, Tags etc.) is getting overlapped with the table content in the main workarea. As an alternative approach, we have tried Repeating Dynamic Layout, however this does not offer as many pagination options as Table layout does.

I have enclosed snapshot of the overlapping issue.

Can anyone please let us know how can we achieve the requirement at hand w.r.t to pagination following best/low-code practices in 8.4.4

Pega Version: Pega 8.4.4

Browsers used: Chrome, IE, Mozilla & Edge

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