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Un-do paging forward in RDL

We have an offline mobile app running on iOS11. The work list is presented as a Repeating Dynamic Layout. Pagination is implemented (Progressively load on user scroll). The initial page size is set to 10. The desired behavior is something like this:

1. User scrolls through several pages of data - let's say 100 rows are now loaded into the RDL.

2. The user opens a case and thus navigates away from the work list.

3. The user returns to the work list. What we would like is for the initial 10 records to be loaded into the RDL when the user returns - not the 100 which were previously loaded.

The current behavior is that all 100 rows are still loaded when the use returns to the work list. We want to reset this to just the first page of records in order to improve the performance of rendering the work list screen. Is there a way to explicitly reset the contents of the RDL to just the first page of data?

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