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Posted: May 21, 2019
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Unable to add host node id for search index host setting


In system settings > search page all indexes seems unavailable. There is no host node id. I have tried to add the node that is on the pxProcess page. Then I clicked save settings but nothing happened. I have changed the checkbox "notify on change of search host nodes", then I received following email;

An attempt to reconfigure node [ip:8080] for use as a host node for index files used by Pega for full text search has been unsuccessful.
Possible causes include:
(1) Network connectivity to node failed.
(2) The node is offline.
(3) The directory designated for storing search index files cannot be found.

A PRPC System Administrator should go to the System > Settings > Search landing page in the Designer Studio to review host node information, and diagnose and correct this issue.

How can I fix the search settings ?


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