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Unable to attach a pdf attachment using Connect-HTTP from tomcat server path


I have been trying to attach a PDF file from tomcat server path(F:\Pega719\work\Catalina\localhost\prweb\TestResults) to a case but i am unable to.

-->I have created a Connect-HTTP rule(DownloadFile) where i have passed below parameters in response tab and HTTP method as GET:

MAP TO:clipboard

MAP TO KEY:.BinaryData(java object property)

--> An activity to call the connect-HTTP rule on mypage steppage and below are the params passed:

Service Name:DownloadFile


EndPoint URL :Param.EndPoint+"/"+Param.PDFName

-->Post to which i am setting the parameter(Param.PDFDocument) as .BinaryData on mypage steppage

-->Post to which i am calling the activity(call Code-Pega-PDF.AttachToWork) with current parameter page.

-->Param tab is filled with below:

EndPoint with datatype as string

PDFName with datatype as string

PDFDocument with datatype as java object

InsHandle with datatype as string

-->While running the activity,i am passing belwo values in params.

EndPoint :

PDFName : Test.pdf

PDFDocument :


Activity is getting success but when i am checking in clipboardpage(my page) below error i am getting.


The server sent a status code of 304, indicating that nothing has changed since the last request. // The body of the service's response, which is set up for mapping in the Connector rule, was empty for this service call.

Can anyone let me know how to resolve the issue also if i can use  file listener to carry on this task and how.




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