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Unable to capture the grid of a windows application "Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains".


We are trying to automate a process which includes Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains Application. We have a grid in the application. In this grid, we need to select a record based on a column value matching. The parent of the grid is the control of below type :

"Microsoft.Dexterity.Shell.DexHost, Microsoft.Dexterity.Shell"

The Bulls eye icon failed in capturing the Grid. Also, the grid control is not present in "Windows" TAB and "Virtual Controls" TAB. Also, we have checked in the Native Control Explorer of the Grid Parent and of no luck in finding the Grid.

So, we are using OCR now. OCR is able to click a record in the scope of UI, but the problem is, we are having scroll bar i.e., n number of records in a grid. OCR is able to click the record in the scope of Grid control size in UI. But we are unable to click a record which is not in scope of Grid size, i.e., we need to scroll down to find the record. Here comes the question : How to scroll down the grid. Also, if it is possible for scrolling down, what is the indication that, we have reached the end of the GRID.

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