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Posted: January 27, 2020
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Unable to create an Application in 8.3

Hello Everyone,

While trying to create a new custom application in 8.3, we are getting below errors(sometimes error related to rulesets and sometimes error related to wok groups). Pega Support team has suggested to increase the heap size to 4-8 GB, we are in the process of increasing that. I am posting this to see if someone has faced same issue.

There was a problem while creating rulesets

There was a problem while creating work groups

I can see the below entries in the log

PegaRULES:8] (  QueueProcessorDatasetHandler) ERROR 245e-as1bpmvm3| - Unable to create dataset for PYFTSINCREMENTALINDEXER 
2020-01-27 10:17:55,519 [http-nio-8084-exec-8] [TABTHREAD0] [                    ] [         PegaRULES:8] (nternal.IncrementalIndexWriter) ERROR 245e-as1bpmvm3| - Caught exception while adding incremenal indexing entry to the queue processor 
2020-01-27 10:17:55,532 [http-nio-8084-exec-8] [TABTHREAD0] [                    ] [         PegaRULES:8] (rate.NewApplicationTransaction) ERROR 245e-as1bpmvm3| - !!! There  was a problem while creating rulesets.[ 

I also noticed that Stream Node status is "JOINING_FAILED"

Queue Processor "pyFTSIncrementalIndexer" has >200 scheduled entries and the state of the QP is 'Failed'

Please help if anyone is aware of this issue



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