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Holger Zwickau (zwich)
Director, Curriculum Development
zwich Member since 2012 8 posts
Posted: June 14, 2019
Last activity: July 3, 2019

Unable to create association rule

In attempting to create a new association rule in v8.2, I receive one of three exceptions depending on how I attempt to configure the association rule.

1) This is not a valid property, or this is a property that cannot be used here. (error displays in edit conditions)

2) An invalid comparison value or an invalid column has been entered for the right-hand side of a filter condition. Enter a valid column, calculation, or literal value. (error displays in edit conditions)

3) A Class Join for the Class Name listed in the Class Association section is missing or invalid. Please enter a Class Join for this class whose Prefix has the same name as this Association. (error displays on top of rule form when attempting a save operation)

The join I am attempting to make is from a top level Location text property on a case type which references a top level id text property on a data class. Both properties are data type text and have been optimized in their respective classes. I have tried various combinations of swapping the work type class and the data class in the Class association class name field and the class join Class name field on the rule form to no avail.

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