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Unable to create a contact (instances of PegaData-Contact) using OOTB D_CreateContact

Unable to create an instance of PegaData-Contact class using the OOTB data page D_CreateContact.

The usage of this data page mentions that "Call this Data Page to Create a contact. Before calling this Data Page, set all the contact properties in SetContactDetails Data Transform. Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, Home Email is Mandatory to create a contact."

However, when a data transform sets the value of the mentioned mandatory properties, it gets flushed by the activity "pzCreateContact" which is being sourced in the data page "D_CreateContact"

This Final activity calls a "Page-New" method to create a "ContactPage" and then runs a validate rule using "Obj-Validate" on the ContactPage - as a result the properties set via data transform prior to calling this data page gets flushed and an error is being thrown always that missing mandatory fields.

Similar issues/bugs seem to be present with few other OOTB Data Pages such as -

1. D_CreateAddress - Used to create instances of PegaData-Address

2. D_CreateOrg - Used to create instances of PegaData-Organization

3. D_CreateRole - Used to create instances of PegaData-Role

It seems that the final activities sourced from these data-pages should have an extension point/stubbed data transform (ready to be customized as per the application needs) in the 2nd step i.e before invoking the Obj-Validate step.


Reference for this concept:…

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