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Seri Charoensri (chars1)
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Posted: February 23, 2016
Last activity: February 24, 2016

Unable to create a PRPC NEW System Name

Hi there,

  Environment PRPC 717 (upgraded from 6.3 awhile back)

  My client restored PRPC DB from UAT DB to PROD DB or from PROD DB to UAT DB, SIT DB, and DEV DB and as import data instance to reflect target environmental data. However the system name is wrong as a consequence.

When I tried to change a NEW System Name in a non-PROD env, I got errors "Errors were encounted while cloing Data-Agent-Queue configuration -- see the PRPC log for details".  Unfortunately I did not get a chance to extract the log.  To get this going, I added 'Identification/SystemName' into prconfig.xml and restart the server.  First restart failed, and second restart worked - PRPC started with the system name from the  'Identification/SystemName' in the prconfig.xml.

  We did the same in the PRODUCTION since it has UAT system name.  But no luck, no matter how many times I tried with the 'Identification/SystemName'  set to 'TMCPRDPGA701' in prconfig.xml approch.  The system failed to start due to erroring  - Caused by: Data-Admin-Requestor instance "TMCPRDPGA701!BATCH" not found. Obviously there is no "TMCPRDPGA701!BATCH" requestor. 


1. If I am NOT able to change the target System Name via System Landing Page, should I keep trying, or should I went with the 'Identification/SystemName'  set to 'TMCPRDPGA701' in prconfig.xml approach (as I did with non-prod)

2. Because it is a prod, I cannot restart PRPC during the day.  Is there is a harm for me to change the name in the System landing page and restart a week after.  I notice that in my PRPC PE, when I change the system name and click save, the log shows - Created new node: "LCHARS1W7APAC NewSystemName 2016-02-23 20:58:28.232 GMT", Whould there be a problem if I restart the PROD later on at night or a week after.

3. With the 'Identification/SystemName'  set to 'TMCPRDPGA701' in prconfig.xml approch, I ran into the errror, should I manual create Requestor Types for Batch, App, Portal, and Browser.

How can I change the system name successfully.



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