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Unable to deploy RDA Bot to Runtime User using Robot Manager


I am able to successfully publish a package from Studio v8.0.1101 to Package Server. We are using Pega Platform 7.4 and Robot Manager 5.2.

I can see the package successfully uploaded to the package server.

I installed runtime on my local and made neccessary changes like adding package server URL and base server URL to the runtimeconfig. When i run the OpenSpan.Runtime.exe it asks for server credentials which i provide (Pega admin credentials) then i get an error similar to - "Cannot continue as no package was found. Runtime will exit now"

Attached are my config settings.

Im not sure if this is the right approach to do. How do we deploy RDA bots to multiple users? Do we give them the runtimeconfig the first time and when they login they get the new package? Runtime users need to login with their own credentials? Please help me understand the process of RDA deployment for multiple users. I see lot of info for RPA. Cant seem to find enough info on RDA. This will be very big for us.

Thanks in advance

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