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Unable to establish successful connection with Kafka broker

Hi All,

I have set up a local kafka server with SSL enabled one side and SASL enabled for client authentication. Configuration is done on the server side. Please find attached the server.propeties and file. Since i cant attach properties file in support site, im attaching it in txt format here.

Below are the lines added in file. its added in the last

sasl.enabled.mechanisms=SCRAM-SHA-512 required username="broker-admin" password="DEM123"; super.users=User:broker-admin

How to set up the configuration on the pega side? I see the below in the docs but this is not clear.

Before you begin:

In systems deployed on premises, Pega supports configuring SASL authentication between Pega Platform and the Kafka cluster using a JAAS configuration file. To configure SASL authentication, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Kafka cluster, configure the Kafka Client credentials in the JAAS configuration file to enable either simple authentication (using a username and password) or Kerberos authentication. - JAAS Config file is attached in the txt format , is that fine?
  2. Pass the location of the JAAS configuration file as a JVM parameter in the Kafka cluster, for example: = <path_to_JAAS_file> - In which file should i put this into?

For more information about configuring the JAAS configuration file, see the Apache Kafka documentation.


Please help me on this.

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