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Unable to Expand required node by default in tree grid


We are currently using Hierarchical List from the Row/List based layouts and it displays tree structure, where user can select a value from that while creating a work object. As part of additional requirements the business wants to do below stuff:
(A). Expand the tree structure by default for the specific selection of data
(B). Expand required node by default in the tree structure for the specific selection of data

By doing this, additional click will be minimized while creating the work object.

For the first one I can see a option "Always expand root" in the Hierarchical List, but there is no visible condition and due to this we need to maintain two layouts.
For the second one I can see there is a OOTB activity "pzgetChildNodes" which is calling when we expand specific node from that structure. We have tried the following two activities (pzgetChildNodes , pzupdateExpandStatus) while tree structure loading/after loading but doesn't work as expected.

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