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Chris Collins (ChrisC8137)

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Posted: October 5, 2017
Last activity: October 12, 2017

Unable to Get Class Fields in Robot Activity

Robotics studio should be able to access pega server from a Robot Activity to determine relevant fields for a given class ID.

When clicking the ‘Fields’ ellipses after defining the class name, a popup with the message “Error connecting to server” appears, and the output window gives an HTTP request exception: System.IO.IOException: The handshake failed due to an unexpected packet format. We suspect that this may be occurring because of the request not being in SSL format (as all pdn examples we have found use SSL and it is enabled by default) – however, Company's certificate for https requests is not valid.

We are using Pega 7.2.2

Attempts made:

  • Reinstall Robotics Studio with the RDA option checked – performed several different times with varying values for PegaServer baseUrl (http://<myDomain.myServer>.com:9080/prweb/api/v1) and updated to use valid credentials for our server– related to the StudioConfig.xml
  • Added access group, work group, work basket, decision tree etc… to pega server for credentials defined in SudioConfig.xml as defined here
  • Added <Server name="RobotManager" enabled="True" baseURL="http://<myDomain.myServer>.com:9080/prweb" RPA="" workgroup="CompanyRobotics" proxyAddress="" /> to CommonConfig.xml
  • Modified RuntimeConfig.xml PegaServer and LocalApiService elements as shown below with a variety of URL values (both including and excluding the api/v1/ in the urls provided). SSL set to false, as https certificate for <myDomain.myServer> is not set up properly right now.
    • <PegaServer baseUrl="http:// <myDomain.myServer>.com:9080/prweb" />
    • <LocalApiService enabled="true" SSL="false" port="9443" allowedOrigins="*" JWTSecurity="false" PegaServerURL=""/>
  • Unchecked ‘Use TLS/SSL (REST only)’ box on the api Service Package (Records > Integration-Resources > Service Package > api)
  • Adjusted CommongConfig.xml to point ConfigurationLocation at folder containing RuntimeConfig.xml in the project so that changes would not be lost when rebuilding/executing the solution.
  • Updated pega server system setting pegarobotics/runtime/DesktopRoboticsURL with “localhost:9443” instead of “” (port 9443 is the default port used by robotics REST service)
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