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Jaime Escobar Rueda (JaimeE47)
Escobar Rueda

Escobar Rueda
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Escobar Rueda
Posted: August 25, 2017
Last activity: August 29, 2017

Unable to interact with Windows Form invoked by Web Application

I am creating an automation with a Web Adapter and everything is ok until the event a windows form appears in order to confirm an action inside the web application.

I have already interrogated these controls and I can verify they are all matched, the fact is that when I am trying to use these in an automation it doesn't work and no error appears. In conclusion, I can't interact with them in order to focus the windows form or click a child button, etc.

The automation stops the execution automatically when it arrives at some point I use these controls.

Attached would be the windows form, the object explorer showing they are matched and part of an automation where I use the controls.

PD: this automation is one of my alternatives in order to Accept the process (perform click in "Aceptar"). I have tried focusing the windows form and then clicking or send {ENTER} key, raising an event when it is created but nothing appears to work.

I hope someone could help me with this issue, thanks.

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