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Unable to invoke robotic automation from this screen


I have created a simple RDA that takes parameter from Pega Platform. In Robotics Studio I was able to retrieve Pega Property by Relevent Record. So I think REST connection between Pega Platform and Robotics Studio is fine. But when I test it by creating a case in Pega, I get an error shown below.

FYI, my sample code is not an RPA but RDA (meaning, I am calling Robot Activity from flow action, not Robot shape). I guess there are some configuration missing in any of RuntimeConfig.xml, StudioConfig.xml, or CommonConfig.xml but I want to know the minimum settings to get this to work.

Also, I haven't setup SSL in my Tomcat for the sake of simplicity. I have turned off SSL in api Service Package and I believe this is fine.


Robotic Process Automation
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