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Posted: January 28, 2020
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unable to launch mash up code via browser from other system


we are trying to call a harness and invoke from external application using the mash up code. We are receiving the below message

"Browser cookies must be enabled for PRPC Internet Application Composer to function"

we have verified the cookies also and noticed not blocking the cookies. Tried calling the file manually clicking and also hosted in the tomcat app and tried to call via localhost. Both are not working.

If any one face the issue please shed some light on it.

Below is the mashup we are invoking

<script src ='https://xxxxxxxxxxxxx/prweb?pyActivity=pzIncludeMashupScripts'></script&gt;
<div data-pega-gadgetname ='PegaGadget'
data-pega-action ='display'
data-pega-action-param-classname ='Data-Portal'
data-pega-action-param-harnessname ='TestDashboard'
data-pega-action-param-model =''
data-pega-isdeferloaded ='false'
data-pega-applicationname ='FundAdmin'
data-pega-threadname ='STANDARD'
data-pega-systemid ='link-prod'
data-pega-resizetype ='stretch'
data-pega-url ='https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/prweb'
data-pega-redirectguests ='true' ></div>

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