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Posted: October 17, 2017
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Unable to load Resolved Case in the Dynamic Container using url

Hi Team,
As part of Portal upgrade, we have replaced UserWAGadget (this control is deprecated) with combination of Tab Group and Dynamic Container and our version is 7.1.8.
If Portal is opened and whenever user opens the work object, it gets opened in the new tab (dynamic container) of the portal . This is known behaviour and working as expected.
Whenever the workobject resolved, our application will send a correspondence to the users. This contains a url (link) of that work object and with the help of this link, business wants to see the resolved Work Object in the portal under dynamic container.
To Construct url : We have created activity and called OOTB activities like (ShowDesktop,doUIAction) and added parameters as required.

While clicking on the link, Work Object is not loading in the portal when i used ShowDesktop activity (Added Screen Shot Two).
If I used doUIAction activity, Work Object is loading in the browser but not in the portal (Added Screen Shot Three).
Steps to Reproduce : Create a Portal and add Tab Group with Dynamic container in the Work Area.
Create a Work Object and Resolve. Now create a Activity to add information about the Work Object and construct the url with activity.
Now launch in the Browser to see the work Object.
Error Message : No Error Messages.
Attempted Solutions: Tried all the OOTB Activites to Resolve this issue. But no luck.

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