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Anand Pandey (AnandP)
Swedbank AB
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Swedbank AB
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Posted: October 13, 2020
Last activity: March 5, 2021

Unable to Migrate Upgraded Rule Schema

Hi, We are trying to migrate our rule schema from one database to another as we are trying to perform the upgrade in out-of-place manner (for Pega 8.4.2). We are following the upgrade guide for 8.4.2 ( Migration fails stating ORA-01031: insufficient privileges for INSERT statements (please refer to the attached log for more details). We checked the privileges for User which is responsible for migration and they look fine. here are the privileges which are granted to the user:-- ALTER ANY TABLE ALTER ANY TRIGGER ANALYZE ANY ANALYZE ANY DICTIONARY CREATE ANY INDEX CREATE ANY PROCEDURE CREATE ANY TABLE CREATE ANY TRIGGER CREATE ANY TYPE CREATE ANY VIEW CREATE SESSION DELETE ANY TABLE DROP ANY INDEX DROP ANY PROCEDURE DROP ANY TABLE DROP ANY TRIGGER DROP ANY VIEW EXECUTE ANY PROCEDURE GRANT ANY OBJECT PRIVILEGE INSERT ANY TABLE SELECT ANY TABLE UPDATE ANY TABLE


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