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Unable to navigate back to Home from report



I am facing the below issue after upgraded from version 8.4.0 to 8.5.1.

Statement: In the left navigation, application has couple of icons (Home, Reports…..etc) and each icon has some functionality. Home icon has "pega.desktop.activateDocument" OOTB function in the actions to come back to home if user navigated to different icons in the portal. 

Issue: After upgrade, pega triggering SECU0019 security alert on click of Home icon and user is not able to come back to Home from reports. He will stuck in the reports and it is trigger error 403.

Cause: “pega.desktop.activateDocument” function causing the security alert and from 8.5.1 version onwards actions need to be registered (From the production only 30 actions are registered but not all event though using OOTB function). It will occur only in production level-5 and it won’t occurred in the below production level-5

Security Alert: 2021-XX-XX 03:10:33,383 GMT*8*SECU0019*0*0*pega-web-w8q2z*NA*NA*H6VJRTHF2JUFRT66CGJFAUMERLKF5XZ8YA*admin*XXX-XX-Work*null*a638e37ea2718f42f076aa3e648f1c9d*Y*13*H6VJRTHF2JUFRT66CGJFAUMERLKF5XZ8YA*97*https-jsse-nio2-8443-exec-6*DCSPA_UserPortal*com.pega.pegarules.session.internal.engineinterface.service.HttpAPI*Activity=ReloadSection*Rule-Obj-Activity:ReloadSection*@BASECLASS PXCALLDATATRANSFORM #20180713T132634.566 GMT Step: 1 Circum: 0*0****NA*NA*NA*NA*NA*NA*initial Executable;0 additional frames in stack;*NA*Unauthorized request detected : Unregistered request encountered with params pyActivity:DoClose eventSrcSection:Data-Portal.PortalNavigation* 

The below are options to solve the above issue:

Need to use latest version (which is available in the COSMOS:02-01-01) of MainNavigation rule but all rules are final rules & navigation icons are loaded dynamically as per OOTB and is there any way to add or update navigation icons as per application implementation.


Need to register “pega.desktop.activateDocument” function actions.

Could you please suggest any inputs on the above options OR can suggest if any other alternative's.


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