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Unable to open a work object


For some reason, at some point this incorrect behavior started but I can't find what is actually causing issue.

In my application, I have WorkType1 as a class group under MyCo-MyApp-Work. I mapped MyCo-MyApp-Work to PC_WORK table as we would never instantiate at this level but always child classes will be used for instantiation. Hence MyCo-MyApp-Work-WorkType1 is a concrete class and class group (=Workpool).

I have not done any customization around Security (ex. Access When, Privilege, etc). My developer access group ("MyApp:Administrator) inherits from PegaRULES:SysAdm4 (I use Pega 7.4) and it has all access in Work- as 5. So, I should be able to open a work object W-1 without any problem. However, when I simply try to open W-1, I get an error on screen saying, Unable to open an instance using the given inputs: MYCO-MyAPP-WORK W-1.

I don't know why Pega is getting this wrong handle name - It has to be MYCO-MYAPP-WORK-WORKTYPE1 W-1. As a matter of fact, when I private edit one of an activity @baseclass.doUIAction to set this correct class as pzInsKey, it works. I gave a try and error like setting my access group to MyCo-MyApp-Work-WorkType1 as a Workpool, resave class group, delete Marker file and restart, but none of my trial is working.

Anyone has any idea how to get this to work?


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