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Raj Kumar Teli (Raj_kumar)
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Raj Kumar Teli
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Posted: December 18, 2017
Last activity: January 8, 2018

Unable to parse excel using MSOParseExcelFile from folder other than service export path

In our application, we get an excel file from external system in a mapped folder.
PRPC has read/write access to this folder. We need to parse this excel file and load the data onto the workpage.
We are using MSOParseExcelFile OOTB activity for this.

However, we observed that the activity works if the file is in service export folder and not when in any other folder.

The java step in the activity logs an error when we use a folder other than service export path. file://default:/Pega/InBound/IA2/GDWCSV

When we pass following file name to the activity -


But in the logs, Pega prints the filename by prepending it with "file://default:"

Has anybody come across this issue? Is there a different way to pass the file name when it exists on a mapped folder?

Your help in resolving the issue is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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