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Posted: August 23, 2018
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Unable to refer to a relative path on the server within Pega code


Our application is built on 6.1SP2. We have two JVMs on a node and two PEGA deployments, one on Catalinabase0, other on Catalinabase1. The tomcat starts on catalinabase0/conf and catalinabase1/conf.

We have a custom war with download and upload servlets to read,write and download files from catalinabase0/webapps/prweb/temp or catalinabase1/webapps/prweb/temp.To make these servlets work, we modified the web.xml to the relative path {$catalina.base}/webapps/prweb/temp. But, we do also have a function in Pega to write urls,filenames to a properties file on this path. The problem is we are unable to pass the relative path to this function as the context for it is catalinabase/conf.

Is there a way to give relative path like ../webapps/prweb/temp in PEGA?

We do not want to write to our explicittempdirectory as our checkin functionality will not work when the marker file is deleted

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