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Posted: January 24, 2019
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Unable to save customer data via savable data page

Course: System Architect Essentials 8.1 (cannot yet be selected in courses list on this form)
Subject: SAE 8 Solution Build

Story US-109 states to save case data of the Rental Customer to a RentalCustomer Data Type by use of the D_RentalCustomerSavable data view, that previously has been made by App Studio. The technical approach is to source the data page with a data transform to copy the case data onto the data page.

If my understanding of the technical approach is correct a data transform is created on class Tour-CarRentals-Data-RentalCustomer. This data transform only needs a single action with:
- Action = Set
- Target = Top
- Source = pyWorkPage.RentalCustomer
pyWorkPage is defined under Pages&Classes as of class Tour-CarRentals-Work-RentalReservation
The .RentalCustomer on this work class is of type -Data-RentalCustomer, so the data should fit just fine.

When running this solution an instance of Tour-CarRentals-Data-RentalCustomer is made, but is holds no data on underlying pages. The only data that is populated is mata data from the case. I would expect (hope) to see underlying pages of:
- PersonalInformation
- AddressInformation
- LicensingInformation
- LoginCredentials

Please advise.
Kind regards, Pascal

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