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Unable to see the schedule option for a report on report browser

Hi Everyone,

We have a report in report browser on one of the class(Say Class A) and it has some schedule tasks.

Recently, We have implemented a security policy on the Class A and moved it to production. Now, we are unable to see schedule option for the report on Class A. And also the schedule tasks are not getting executed.

We have done some analysis and found the When Rule (pzHasPolicies)which is checking if there is any Security policy on it. If there is a security policy then the schedule option is not visible even though user is having required previliges on Class A.

We would like to understand why Pega is restricting to show the schedule option and also like to know If there is any solution to this.

Could you please advise.

Please find below steps to reproduce.

1. Create a report definition on one class(Say Class A)

2. Make that report as part of some report category

3. Create a shortcut and try to access it report browser. Now You can see the Schedule option when you click on gear icon of the report .

4. Create a Access Control Policy Rule on the class A.

5 Now, try to check the options for the report on the report browser. Now, you will not see the schedule option.

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Reporting Security SR Exists
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