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Ponnurangam Nagaraj (PonnurangamN2827)

PonnurangamN2827 Member since 2019 43 posts
Posted: July 15, 2020
Last activity: July 16, 2020

Unable to start server Pega 8.4 installation in multinode environment

Hi All,

Please find below issue details and share your thoughts in mitigating this issue.

Problem statement:


Servers are not booting up when we are trying to install Pega 8.4 in multi-node marketing environment. PFA, logs for the same.


Application server : tomcat9 hosted in AWS-EC2 server (16GB RAM, 4 cores CPU)

DB : Postgresql hosted in aurora (4 cores, 32GB )

Dnodetype : DDS,Stream,ADM,RTGD,Batch,Realtime BackgroundProcessing(we are shuffling node seggregation in 3 nodes)


Please note that below ports have been enabled


7000 - Storage port for internal Cassandra communication

7003 - Default port for incoming stream communication

9042 - CQL3 native transport port.

9160 - Thrift RCP transport port

5701 - Cluster port

5751 - Comm port for VBD instance

9300-9399- inter node communication