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Posted: 11 months ago
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Unable to test connectivity on Data-Admin-DB-Table

We noted that at stat up Pega platform is having trouble finding database definition with this error message: "ERROR - Definition mismatch detected for database ubi; the entry in the preferences will be preferred."

That is unexpected because there is a DB-Name entry with the ID "UBI". Yes the definition is in capital letters. This was working fine in 6.3. Should it be in lower case ? we tried changing it to lower case but we still had the error.

Then when we try to "test connectivity" on a table that is using this database definition, Pega crashes with the error : Database-BadDBDef-Missing	ubi

at ~[prprivate.jar:?] (complete stack trace attached)

We think, we started to have this issue moving to Java 8 and the new JDBC8. I've heard in the past that the new jndi/xxx under JDBC8 is not managing "auto-commit" the same way.

Does anyone know if Pega is expecting the connection from the pool to be in "auto-commit" mode or not ?

Pega Platform Data Integration
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