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Posted: May 17, 2019
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Understand the process to integrate IBM WebSphere MQ on Tomcat

We are trying to integrate Tomcat with IBM WebSphere MQ.
In the following PDN link, Pega has provided the process to integrate Tomcat with IBM WebSphere MQ. Need to understand the actions to be done in details as the steps are mentioned in High level.

In the following article, under Resolution, it mentions about the following steps to be performed –

  1. Define MQ JMS (Java Message Service) Administered objects such as Queue Connection Factory, Queue, etc. The MQ Explorer is the tool provided by IBM.
    - Does this mean we need to define the instances of QueueConnectionFactory, and Queue, respectively, in context.xml.

  2. Copy the resulting .bindings file to a location on the Tomcat server.
    How can we get the bindings file, and is there any alternative way instead of using bindings file.

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