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Understanding the Assignment Statistics

To understand the assignment statistics ,i have gone through below PDN help. management/process-modeler/assignment/cm-assignment-statistics-con.html


An assignment in a workbasket allows users of the application to choose the Resolve flow action, which completes the assignment. Alternatively, users can choose any of three local flow actions, which do not complete the assignment.

  • Save — Save the data entered so far.
  • RequestInfo — Generate correspondence.
  • Transfer — Move the assignment to another operator's worklist.

The following table shows the statistics maintained in history records as the users Harry and Bobbie work on this assignment.





1. Harry chooses Save, enters data and clicks Submit.888
2. Harry chooses RequestInfo, enters data and clicks Submit.243232
3. Harry chooses Transfer, and transfers the assignment to Bobbie.63838
4. Bobbie chooses Save, enters data and clicks Submit.4442
5. Bobbies chooses RequestInfo, enters data and clicks Submit.202062
6. Bobbies chooses Resolve, completes the form and clicksSubmit. Bobbie's first two submit operations fail because of invalid data. The third submit operation is accepted. The three tries take a total of 18 seconds.184280

Harries and Bobbies performed "RequestInfo" action but Why the calculation of AssignmentTime is different for both the users, Actually assignmentTime of RequestInfo should be 24 for Bobbie .

Please make me to understand this.

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