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Understanding Indirect Page Mechanism.


Just want to understand the Indirect Page Mechanism as how it works and how it will be configured .

I see the following information of Indirect Mechanism in pega help .but i don't understand how it can be implemented. Please provide the details steps.

If you need to pass more than one page, use the indirect page mechanism:
In the second activity, identify an indirect page by the keyword prompt as the Mode field in thePages & Classes tab.
In steps of the second activity, refer to these pages using the syntax promptpagename. No corresponding entry is required in the Parameters tab.
In the first activity, pass the additional pages as arguments to the Call instruction that invokes the second activity.
The value supplied for the prompt page must not be blank and must evaluate to a clipboard page name (top-level or embedded). The keywords primary, top, and parent are not valid with prompt pages; the param keyword is valid.
Indirect pages provide a generic way to pass pages not only between activities, but also to other rule types such as HTML rules.
OldAn older alternative way to pass pages between activities — using the parameter Data Type ofPage — is no longer recommended.

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