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Posted: October 16, 2019
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Unexpected behavior with Optimized Properties

I am experienced unexpected behavior. I would like to know if this is expected, or if I have caused this behavior somehow.

I have a case type called Reservation. The case type has a data reference to data type called "Flight". There is a single row in Flight that has information such as Flight Date, Time, etc. The data reference in Reservation is called SelectedFlight.

I want to report Flight information with the associated Reservation cases. I optimized the fields in SelectedFlight to allow reporting. I can see that the Column population jobs succeed.

However; when I run my report, it only shows Flight data for the records that existed when I optimized the fields. If I optimized just one column again; they all populate. Then I have to optimize again if I add new cases.

Is this how optimized fields are supposed to work? I can't manually optimize a column any time a new case is created!

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