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Posted: July 9, 2020
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Posted: 9 Jul 2020 4:54 EDT
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unique nodeids in all pdc. true ? warning somewhere ?



We have test environments, and a Prod environment.

All environments are linked to PDC.


All nodeids were the same on all systems :

nodeid=web_1 for first node for example, in all test environments and in prod.

In pdc, it makes the node number unstable (it says 4 nodes for your preprod environment, then a few minutes later, 2 nodes, then 3 ...).

In pdc, it mixes entries : I found events from my production environment in the events of my production System in pdc.


We changed the nodeids so that there are all different between 2 systems.

The 2 issues mentionned before seem to be solved. Good... but...


is it possible in future releases (of pdc ? of pega ?) to allow nodeids that are the same than another system visible on the same pdc ?

is it possible to have warnings when such a problem appears ?

(when entries got mixed up, the infos in pdc are not usable anymore ; delete system in pdc seems the only useful action to do but it doesn't work ; i opened another question on pega collaboration center for that)


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