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anand managoli (anandm42)
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Posted: September 29, 2020
Last activity: September 30, 2020

Unit Testing Multi Level Strategies

We are using Pega 8.4 version and exploring the capabilities with the NBAD approach as recommended. I can see the framework level strategies are generated for me with some extension points to cater to any specific requirements.

My question is how to unit test the extension strategy which is dependent on the result from its parent strategies.

For instance, if my Action is getting dropped at TreatmentsChannels strategy and need to investigate why so.

The top level strategy can be unit tested for each of the components.

Level 2 Strategy

How do we unit test the strategy which is next in the hierarchy?

Level 3 strategy

One way I can do is by checking out this strategy and copying all the first 4 components from parent strategy and getting rid of external input. But this is not a good option at all, as we keep checking out the strategies that are generated by the system.



This is just a strategy at level 3, consider some of the strategies that are at much deeper in hierarchy for example:

If we need to add our specific requirements to extension strategy   ContactPolicyExtension, how do we unit test it? Below is the level of the extension point strategy

Trigger_NBA_TopLevel      NBAStrategyFramework          TreatmentsChannels             OutboundChannels                OutboundLimits                      ContactPolicyExtension

Any insight on this is appreciated.

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