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UnresolvedAssemblyError on resolving Rule-Utility-Function rules

We've been encountering the occasional (4 that we know of) issue with rules either throwing UnresolvedAssemblyError when needing to invoke a custom Rule-Utility-Function; or more recently not throwing the Error but resolving to an older version of the R-U-F (01-02-03) than one more recently introduced (01-02-27).

Full details are in a post I've just made to PRPC Application Development: UnresolvedAssemblyError on resolving Rule-Utility-Function rules

Would be keen to hear about:

  • Any other observations of this issue,
  • Whether those affected attempted to use SMA's Virtual Rule Table Cache Management utility to force reassembly of the rules which call the Functions.
  • Whether there is any acknowledgement of a product issue in this space, official remediation to existing PRPC versions, and commitment towards resolving the root cause.

We have seen the issue on 7.1.7 and 7.1.8.

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