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Unsuccessful Alexa integration using Pega PE V8.x/7.4 (localhost:8080) running on Tomcat

Hi Pega Experts,

I see there are some of the folks who were successful in Alexa integration using Pega. But I didn't see any posts for a successful integration with Pega PE version. I tried to implement the integration functionality mentioned in the article: but I was unsuccessful to receive the response back to my local host after tunneling of it using ssh command (ssh -R 80:localhost:8080 from command prompt. Not sure where I went wrong but I noticed that Alexa tried to call our REST service as per the article using my server URL setup done in Alexa integration settings. The interesting part I noticed is that the Pega REST service URL is not yet all accessible globally from the site: Here is my REST service URL in terms of local host perspective.

Before tunneling: https://localhost:443/prweb/PRRestService/alexachannel/srv/alexa

After tunneling:…

Please don't say that Alexa integration won't work on local host and works on a Pega platform setup done and all :)

Thanks and Regards,

Ravi Kumar Pisupati.

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