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Update 7.1.8 to 7.2 questions

My customer is planning an update from 7.1.8 to 7.2. The following questions have come up from a review of the Pega 7.2 Update Guide (as at May 10, 2016), in conjunction with the Pega 7.2 Installation Guide (Tomcat / Oracle):

  • Update Guide pg 27 - "Redeploying applications" - this section mentions not redeploying the *.war files from 7.2 if we are updating from 7.1.7 or later. The customer has verified that the binaries between 7.1.8 and 7.2 are different, so it seems risky to not deploy the 7.2 war binaries when using the 7.2 distribution. What is the rationale behind this? Are there risks in deploying the 7.2 war's anyway?
  • Install Guide pg 35 - "Configuring web SSO" - adding the xerces, xaml and xml-apis JAR files to the endorsed directory. Should these be the ones provided in the distribution (if any - I don't have the distribution handy) or should these be sourced separately? If separately, are there particular versions that should be used for Pega 7.2 ?
  • Update Guide pg 32 - Step 5 - updating the Dynamic System Setting for CaptureScreenshotsResourcePath - what is the recommendation for the host portion of this value in a clustered environment? Should it be set to 'localhost' (so that each node makes 'local' REST calls for screenshot capture), would this need to point to the load balancer (resulting in remote REST calls), or are distinct prconfig entries required per node to ensure each node's URL resolves to itself - but not as localhost?
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