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Fathima Sultana Shaik (FathimaShaik)
Express Scripts

Express Scripts
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Express Scripts
Posted: October 14, 2020
Last activity: October 21, 2020

Update: Managing the code in different versions of Pega

Hello Everyone,

As part of Pega COE team, we manage the common code shared across multiple applications. Most of the applications were on 7.2, but now few of them updated their platform to 8.x. So we have started managing the code in multiple servers with different versions : 7.2, 8.2 and 8.4

Code changes that are done in 7.2 will be merged in 7.2 server and pushed to all 7.x and 8.x environments. Similarly code changes made in 8.2 server will be pushed to all 8.2 and above versions.

We receive 10+ merges on a daily basis and we deploy the same to multiple servers with different versions post merge. 

My question here is - While migrating the code from 7.2 to 8.x we are not running any update scripts on the rules/data schema. Is it required? 

If yes, is it recommended to run update scripts on a daily basis after each release? what is the best way to update the code. Please advise. 



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