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Posted: November 25, 2018
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Upgrade of PRPC application with Smart Investigate

Need clarification on the upgrade,

We are planning for upgrade our application, our application use Pega Smart Investigate framework, below is the application stack

SmartInvestigateSelfService 07.11
SmartInvestigateForPayments 07.11
PegaFSIF 07.15
PegaRequirements 07.15
PegaRULES 07.10.24 (Pega 7.2)

We have below questions which need clarification for our planning for Pega upgrades. We are planning to upgrade either for Pega 7.4 or 8.1, we will take decision based upon some factors, among which below are some.


Will SmartInvestigateSelfService 07.11 work on Pega PRPC 8.1?


If we don’t update SmartInvestigateForPayments 07.11 to 07.31, Then SmartInvestigateForPayments 07.11 will work with Pega PRPC 7.4 version?


Latest version SmartInvestigateForPayments 07.31 will work on Pega PRPC 8.1?


We are using SmartInvestigateSelfService 07.11 which is built on SmartInvestigateForPayments 07.11. Now if we update to SmartInvestigateForPayments 07.31, then will SmartInvestigateSelfService 07.11 work on top of SmartInvestigateForPayments 07.31? (there is no update of SmartInvestigateSelfService 07.11 available)

We got below statement in the link

“IMPORTANT: Related Pega financial services applications designed to work with Pega Smart Investigate for Payments, such as SWIFTNet Advanced E&I Rulebook, Smart Investigate for Securities, and Self-Service for Smart Investigate, have not been updated. Customers with any of these applications in their application stack should not attempt to integrate these applications with the Smart Investigate for Payments 7.31 release. Customers already running Smart Investigate for Payments with any of these applications in their application stack should not upgrade to release 7.31. Please contact Pega Global Customer Support (GCS) if you have

further questions.”


Which Max version if FSIF (Pega Foundation of Financial Services) FW is supported for SmartInvestigateForPayments 07.31 ? FSIF 7.4 or FSIF 7.31?


SmartInvestigateForPayments 07.31 will run on PegaFSIF 07.15 ? currently we are using PegaFSIF 07.15, and if we don’t update PegaFSIF but if we update SmartInvestigateForPayments

To 7.31, will there be any issue?


Below link of PDN talks about SmartInvestigateForPayments ver 8.1

BUT, below link does not provide any documentation about SmartInvestigateForPayments ver 8.1, it gives only upto version 7.31

So question is whether SmartInvestigateForPayments 8.1 has been already released or not?



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