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Fred Goldbach (FredG487)
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Posted: April 12, 2018
Last activity: October 12, 2018

Upgrading AES from UAT to PROD

Hello! I am planning to upgrade AES from 7.1 to AES 7.3. I plan to override the existing 7.1 database with the new 7.3 database. I do not need to save the existing data. If I copy the AES UAT database into production that will copy the test data into production. In looking at the AES database, I have a list of tables that can be truncated in production. AES will start collecting new data/statistics when configured. My question is: can you verify that these tables can be truncated with no impacts? Am I missing any tables that should be truncated?

pegaam_dailymetrics_index, pegaam_action_index, pegaam_alert, pegaam_cluster_data, pegaam_crit_event, pegaam_dailymetrics, pegaam_email_recipient, pegaam_exception, pegaam_guardrail, pegaam_index, pegaam_ind_change, pegaam_perf_stats, pegaam_node_health, pegaam_node_stats. pegaam_topoffenders, pegaam_action_work, pegaam_exception_work,



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